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My 19 month old daughter is a picky eater but she loves Mighty Bites, especially the Sweet Potato Mac 'n Cheese, and the Veggie-Licious Pizza Rolls.

The best part is being able to give her a convenient, portable meal that is nutritious, and made with fresh, mostly organic ingredients. 


As a busy mom it is hard to find the time to do anything - especially cook. I am so grateful for having discovered these healthy and yummy mini meals from Mighty Bites. I have been feeding my toddler the meals for about 5 months, and he loves everything on the menu. Placing orders is easy and fast as well!


With Mighty Bites I no longer have to be a short order cook at dinner time to feed my whole family. I pop some Pizza Rolls or Broccoli Bites in the oven to keep the kids happy, while I make an entrée for the adults. No fuss, no easy, stress free meal!


We love Mighty Bites! We are a busy family of 5 so having some healthy lunch and dinner options we can pull right out of the freezer is not only convenient, it gives us piece of mind. We know the ingredients are fresh, nutritious, and taste so good. Even my very picky eater asks for more pizza rolls. Ordering/delivery is super easy as well!


We are happy that we can offer our families that visit Imagine That with their children and themselves "comfort food" such as pancakes, macaroni & cheese, and pizza rolls - without the guilt of eating unhealthy.

All the food provided by Mighty Bites is so delicious and healthy, it's a dream come true for us and our customers!

Imagine That, Lawrence, MA

My whole family LOVES the pizza rolls. Yum!